I’m a visual person and I wanted an exciting website that would capture my sense of style and the “feel” of the books I’d be writing.  After looking at two fellow authors’ websites, I contacted TheDigitalHook.  James, lead designer, has been awesome to work with.  He was very responsive to what I wanted, quick to answer my questions, and reassuring when I was in a panic. (Domain name anyone?).  Believe me, I’m not very tech savvy at all.  He’s very straightforward on price, we went through various mockups, and I told him what colors I wanted.  He delivered on everything.  I absolutely love my website.  It’s edgy, dark, yet has a hopeful vibrance to it with its colors.  And he’ll stick with me for another 30 days to make sure things are okay, and hopefully to clean up my cyberspace mess if I make a mistake.  And for a small price, he’s willing to hold my hand for as long as I need him.  So far, I think I’m doing okay, but it’s nice to know he’s there.  Thanks James!  You’re the best and the raves keep on coming.