Books and Friendship

Yes, I admit I subject my friends to my writing world – my characters, the craft of writing and my nuance to discreetly slip in a word about my writing during our conversations.  But since I’ve started to seriously write about a year and a half ago, my friends have been very supportive.  One particular friend has read all three or four versions of my current Shadowatcher, from very rough draft full of the f-bomb, to the final product.  And though I blushed when we talked about the love scenes in the book, she said the love scenes were classy.  What a compliment!

Writing is a solitary endeavor.  It’s nice to have friends who make you laugh, who tell you honestly that your hero is a jerk (he’s now to die for in the rewrite), or who scratches her head with you at all those acronyms when we ventured into Eroticas.

I’ve found that the books we read, suggest to one another, and talk about bring us together as friends.  I can’t hide or tone down that part of myself, the writer.  Just like I can’t silence the muse when it takes over my sleep-deprived brain at three in the morning.  Yet, there is a limit, and I hope my friends love and know me well enough to say “shut the hell up” (much nicer words, please) when they’re tired of hearing about the writer in me.

My friends are a part of who I am so I hope they’re not offended when they show up on my blog.  Of course, to protect the identity of the innocent and the occasional guilty party, no names or identifying characteristics such as moles, birthmarks or hair color will be mentioned.  Thanks guys for being there for me!