Feedback for Amazon

My local RWA chapter was contacted by an Amazon representative for feedback regarding improvements to Amazon’s romance page. As an avid reader who buys print and digital books and an author planning on self-publishing, I have a vested interest in attending an hour session to give Amazon my feedback.

I’m also giving everyone else a chance to chime in. I’ll put the responses together and bring them to the meeting scheduled for April 24th. I know some of you write YA, women’s fiction and fiction with elements of romance. How can we authors, especially debut authors or SP authors, increase our visibility thus leading to discoverability and a faithful following of new readers? As my boss would say “Silence equates to an agreement.” If you want your voices heard, then leave me a comment. Here are the questions from Amazon.

Below are a list of questions they would like everyone to think about and consider.

1)            As a romance reader, how do you choose your next romance book?

2)            How do you read (i.e. on a device, paperback, etc.) and where do you read (i.e. commuting, at home, etc.)?

3)            What other genres do you read besides romance? How does romance influence your interest in other categories?

4)            What social communities/social sites do you engage with to learn more about what’s new and/or find your next romance book?

5)            How many romance books do you read a month/a week?  What, if anything, is a barrier to reading more?

6)            How could the Amazon Kindle store provide better discoverability for consumers searching for authors and/or Romance books in general?

7)            What type of editorial content do you think is most interesting/valuable to consumers as they decide on their next Romance book?

8)            What are the top 1 or 2 things you think would most likely attract Romance fans to the Kindle store?

9)            How could Amazon Kindle best support the Romance genre for consumers and authors alike?

10)          If you were able to make any one change to the Amazon Kindle Romance store (and had no limitations), what would it be?