Universal Law

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Fifteen years ago, at the beginning of the Third World War, Others—demons, vampires, werewolves, and everything in between—made their existence public on live broadcast, plummeting the world further into turmoil. Four bloody years later, the war ended, governments banded together, and universal law came to be. One important law was no one shall be bitten, turned or transformed into a monster against their will.


Never forget . . .

Vampire Slayer, Elise Castle, can’t forget the night she and her friends were ambushed. They were murdered while her life had been spared.

Always remember . . .

And she’ll always remember the death of her detective boyfriend. Guilt ridden for the part she played in their deaths, she’ll do whatever it takes to right the wrongs, even if it means working for a creature she detests—a Fallen.

Xavier’s arrogance grates on her nerves while his concern and charm reels her in. But can she give her heart to a creature like her father, a Fallen, who had abandoned his family for money and power. Or will she see X for the good man he is?

Desperate to save his vampire-turned friend, Xavier Doom hires the first Slayer he can get his hands on. Sure he got the best Slayer money can buy. But when he discovers the company she works for is black-listed and she’s personally involved with his rival for the next big cure for vampirism, his interest in Elise Castle goes beyond the professional. Yet, how to convince her he’s not the selfish man she believes him to be?

4 star review from BTS eMag September/October Issue

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