Unbeknownst to humans, a secret war between supernatural soldiers and demons wages beneath the surface of the modern world. Betrayed by one of their own, their numbers decimated globally, two factions of demon hunters, Embers and Blades, must work together in a race against time, old traditions, and their enemies’ ruthlessness to prevent a free fall into extinction. The Extinction Series is their story of love and lost, betrayal and redemption, honor and sacrifice.

Two factions of demon hunters:

Embers:  Guided by Ember Elders, old hunters who are rumored to be seers. Embers believe in fated love and a hierarchical system. Embers have kings, queens and prince and princesses. For example, in Protector, Armor is a prince. We don’t know exactly what region he “rules” over but in the planned future book, Silver and Malice, readers will have a better idea. In Luminescence, we meet Princess December Raine. Her mom’s kingdom was destroyed. However, her father’s kingdom, an island off the tip of the boot of Spain, is still intact and waiting for her.

Blades:  Blades are more innovative, embracing modern technology and weaponry. They don’t believe in soulmates. Blades choose their own path in life, including who they love. They are commanded by one man, Stone Kingston.

However, after the Ember queen chose a different king other than her intended soulmate, the destinies of Embers and Blades are now intertwined. Can old traditions and new ideas coexist together? Can fate be overcome by free will to choose?


ProtectorWe fight together. Always.

She is the preordained future leader of Blades and he, a lowly operator assigned the position of her Protector.

Alexandra Kingston can never be his. But Flyn Severins will do anything to protect her even be branded a traitor for refusing to give up the dark secrets in his mind. Truths that threaten to destroy Alex’s family.

When Alex is attacked by a new biologic weapon, she doesn’t suspect her Protector and childhood friend of compromising her location. But when he high tails it out of town with more money in his bank account than an operative makes in a lifetime, she has more questions than answers.

Given orders to get Flyn’s source of information or else, Alex believes only the truth will save her Protector’s life. But if the truth can’t set him free, she’ll put her life on the line to be his protector. Ebook available at Amazon.



UnMarkedThey say in death, your life flashes before your eyes like pictures in an old movie reel. That had never happened for her.

Stubborn and defiant enough to cheat death …

Keeping her resurrection a secret from the world is easy to do for demon hunter Sophie Sinclair. Her life depends on her living in the shadows, a ghost hunting demons in the night to fulfill a contract that can free her from a past mistake.


Wanting to feel alive to the touches and kisses of a man . . . well, it’s an experience she’d rather not go through again in this lifetime. One unforgivable act of betrayal had been enough for her to swear off men. Until sexy, ex-homicide detective Ryan Campbell drops in on her supernatural existence. He’s a man with a very dangerous proposition for her. A private investigator with his own dark secrets. Secrets that can rip their world and her heart to pieces. How far will Sophie and Ryan go for duty and freedom, family and love? And will the truth set them free?

Ebook available at Amazon. UnMarked is available in print.



luminescence“From midnight to sunrise, you’re mine in a different manner. During the day, we’re two people connected by horrific events.”

A dangerous game of seduction …

She could be the devil disguised as an angel. But to get the answers to solving two very important and personal cold cases, FBI agent Nick Campion is willing to sleep with the enemy. Yeah, call the situation like it is—improper, blurring the lines . . . inching closer toward a supernatural world he’s not prepared for. No worries though. He’s already given up his career to tail the woman he despises, a woman as cold as the month she was named after. There’s nothing more for him to lose. Except for his heart and soul.

A destiny that can’t be denied …

Determined to save her kind from the brink of extinction, demon hunter December Raine agrees to get real personal with the human ex-special agent who could be the answer to unlocking her ability to grant supernatural powers to her kind’s descendants. Unable to control her feelings when around him, she shows him the supernatural side of her, further putting his life in danger from her kind. When she offers an unconventional and far-out permanent arrangement that can save his life, will he accept or reject her? She has everything to lose. Including her heart and soul.

Ebook available at Amazon. Luminescence is available in print at Amazon and BarnesandNoble.