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by Ashlynmathews on October 30, 2017

I’m happy to announce the release of my paranormal romance, Nightbound:  Seducing the Vampire Slayer. The story began in 2013, one of my many work-in-progresses that year. In my writer’s mind, I saw the image of a very sexy vampire chasing a brave vampire slayer through darkened streets. In three months of pursuing her, he’s persistent but shows her nothing but kindness and patience. She’s stubborn and refuses to go willingly with the man sent by her family’s enemy to bring her in. However, she’s curious about her attraction for the charming vampire. With two overprotective brothers and a strict father, she has little experience with men.

Nightbound in a way plays on the trope of star-crossed lovers and enemies to lovers. I’ve always been fascinated by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table. When reading the book, you’ll find references to both. The story takes place in the city of Williamsburg. Other cities in the book are Hamlet and Lancelot. The vampire slayer’s grandfather is named after Julius Caesar.

The story has an atmosphere of the Elizabethan era with the way the characters dress, act and the weapons they use (swords, crossbows). However, I wanted the story to have a modern twist. I introduced modern elements such as motorcycles, military planes, Taser guns and electric fencing. I also love a good fairy tale so there are trolls in this story. No worries, they are good trolls. I hope you take the chance and grab a copy of Nightbound on sale at the new release 0.99 cents price at Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Nook.



Phoenix shook her head. He stepped forward. Sensing the threat he posed, she spoke the words that would transform her from the hunted to the hunter.

“Grant me the power to no longer be lost but found. Give me the night, and return me to daylight, victorious or dead.”

Her sight cleared and her body hummed with power. Phoenix smiled. Six hours of heightened senses, agility and speed.

“Step aside or I’ll go through you.”

“Answer my question first.”

“I don’t want bloodshed,” Phoenix growled, admitting the emptiness of her threat. “It’s your master’s fault we’re here. Nine years—”

A vise squeezed her chest. The alleyway closed in around her. Breathless, Phoenix yanked the arrow until the line was taut.

“It’s been nine years since I lost my mother.”

The fletching of the arrow cut into her skin. A reminder of the sharp pain of loss the day she emerged from the Forest of Sorrow alive only to drop to her knees at news of her mother’s murder.

“I’m sorry for your loss, Slayer.”

He bent at the waist then straightened. He bowed to her? “Your stall tactics won’t work. Step aside. Please.” She didn’t want to hurt him.

“Who says I’m stalling?”

“You’re a bat and have the hearing of one. You heard me speak the words.”

He advanced, and she released the arrow. Phoenix had neither the patience nor the time to further spar with the annoying vamp.

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