My Last Book Release for 2017

by Ashlynmathews on September 18, 2017

It’s official, I hit the pre-order button for my last book release for the year 2017. I started writing Nightbound: Seducing the Vampire Slayer back in 2013. The idea for the story of star-crossed lovers began when I read a quote from Lord Byron, a 19th century English romantic poet. “In secret we met, in silence I grieve, that thy heart could forget, thy spirit deceive. If I should meet thee after long years, how should I greet thee? With silence and tears.” Romantic. Sultry. Beautiful. Tragic. Hopeful. Those are the words that come to my mind when I read that passage.

I can’t wait to share Phoenix Lancaster and Zane O’Day’s story. Nightbound will release December 5th at a special release price of 99 cents exclusively at Amazon. December is far away so I hope you enjoy the very sexy cover, book blurb plus a sneak peek.

Two houses at war…

When an ancient scroll is discovered and the interpretations made public, vampire slayer Phoenix Lancaster refuses to believe she is the Alpha, her kind’s hope for survival. Or that her family’s most hated enemy, Zane O’Day, is the Omega, a vampire destined to love her to submission and rule over all vampires with her death. Phoenix will never give herself to the man whose father had murdered her mother. And Zane is nothing but a cowardly vamp hiding behind a mask, his face scarred by the sun, his just punishment for killing werewolf pups.

In secret we meet…

Sam—the sexy captain of the guards sent to “fetch” her by Zane’s orders. He is a tempting blend of mysterious and mouthwatering with his ruthless intelligence, animal magnetism and annoying habit of helping her conquer her fears, and Phoenix is terrified she’s falling for the arrogant vampire as they struggle to survive in the deadly Black Forest searching for the scroll’s true meaning.

If we should meet again, how should I greet you, as friend or foe?

Sam—the name Zane gave the slayer as she was being chased by a pack of pissed-off werewolves the first time they met. In the months she’s been sneaking out of her family’s compound in the shadow of nightfall, Zane’s pursued her through the streets of Williamsburg only to let her go. As a lowly captain of the guards, he can slowly earn the stubborn slayer’s trust, and eventually, her heart. But does his end goal of protecting his family justify the means of deceiving Phoenix?

When the truth of Zane’s identity is revealed, will the hatred between their warring families deepen? Or can love conquer all?

Sneak peek (unedited)

“There you are.” The masculine voice boomed loud in the emptiness, yanking her out of her thoughts like being on the end of a rip cord.

She would’ve smiled and said, “Yes, here I am,” had the situation not been so serious, which it was. The enemy came for her, sent by the rival family.

With the moon behind him as a backdrop, he stood alone, a figure with broad shoulders, muscular legs, and the strength, speed and thirst of a vampire.

“I’m surprised they again sent a lowly captain of the guards to collect me instead of an O’Day.” Beneath the sliver of moonlight casted into the shadows, the navy blue of his uniform disclosed his rank.

She baited him yet he didn’t bite. Interesting. In her past encounters with this particular vampire, she’d goaded him with better results.

“How many months have we gone through this ritual of ours?” he said. “Of me chasing you? Of you stubbornly refusing to come willingly?”

The clouds moved over the moon. Once again, darkness engulfed them. Yet Phoenix didn’t need the light to reveal what she understood deep in her gut. Already, a tingle of awareness sent a pool of heat to the junction between her legs while a hand seemed to grab hold of her stomach and twist.

Arousal and fear—a wondrous, but confusing blend for a woman who hadn’t had much experience in regards to the opposite sex. Two hulking brothers tended to keep even the bravest man a safe distance from her.

Not ready to speak to the vamp, Phoenix scrutinized him. How had she missed the animal magnetism and confidence oozing from his pores through the well-fitted uniform? Or the square jaw with the determined set to them as he looked at her with keenness and cunning?

Most importantly, he held his head high as though he were more than who he had stated or appeared to be—a lowly captain of the guards.

Yes, she had every right to run far and fast from the vampire with a sword in his hand and a wicked smile on his face. Then why did her heart race in anticipation of his next move and her mouth watered at the sight of him, like a delectable meal offered after a fasting?



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