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by Ashlynmathews on September 7, 2017

I can’t believe fall is just around the corner. Or how about all of the holidays coming up? My local stores already have Halloween decor on their shelves. Time is flying by too fast! I’m so excited to share book news, book blurbs, expected release dates as well as a cover reveal for the second book in my Universal Law series. Below, you’ll find the book blurbs for Breaking Emery (#2 Book in the Club Forsaken series) and Outcast:  Dante’s Redemption as well as expected release dates. For the remainder of 2017, I plan on releasing one more book. Nightbound:  Seducing the Vampire Slayer is a book I’ve been working on since 2013. I hope to release the story of Phoenix and Zane either late October or early November. The cover will be revealed soon, and I think you’ll find the cover romantic and stunning. I definitely enjoyed searching for the right images that would convey the story of a very stubborn and independent Slayer and the charming vampire who relentlessly pursues her. More to come. For now, here’s Ink and Emery’s story, and River and Dante’s.

Releasing January 2018:  Breaking Emery 

Emery:  Money can’t buy love, but I’m not looking for a forever after when I make the sexy guy who wouldn’t give me the time of day an offer he can’t refuse. What I didn’t expect is for him to up the stakes. Isaac Nathaniel Kavanaugh, what were you thinking proposing after a night of hot sex? And why the heck did I say yes?

Ink:  Emery McGuire. I want her. I want revenge on her family for destroying mine. When she offers me a load of money to help my dad get back on his feet, how can I refuse? What I didn’t expect is for a McGuire to be so giving. Accepting Emery’s money and V-card isn’t the problem. Had she stuck around long enough to enjoy the honeymoon, I could’ve forgiven her father for destroying my old man’s business. Or get past how her mother had wrecked my parents’ marriage. But Emery hadn’t stuck around. It’s been a year, and I can’t forgive or forget. I want revenge. I want her truth. I want to break Emery of all the secrets she’s kept from me.

Her money can’t buy my love but will her truths have me begging for her forgiveness?

Releasing March 2018:  Outcast:  Dante’s Redemption

A disgraced demon knight in search of redemption. A thief willing to do anything to solve the murders of her father and grandfather.

When her grandfather and father are murdered in cold blood, Vampire Slayer River Redding vows to find their killers. Hitting dead ends and with no other leads to chase down, she is ready to give up. Until a chance encounter with the Outcast, Dante Everton, changes her luck. As a common criminal, River can picture life with an Outcast. But is Dante truly who he portrays himself to be? Or is the sexy-as-sin Outcast more off-limits to River’s heart than she could ever imagine?

Stripped of his title as a demon knight, Dante will do whatever it takes to get back what is rightfully his. Yet to get the evidence that will restore his title and bring down the gang rumored to be trafficking children and killing Slayers, Dante needs the expertise of a thief. He finds help in a small-time thief. Now he just needs to stick with his original plan minus the complication of possibly falling for the fiercely independent, secretive and mouth-watering River. Once his title is restored, he’s to marry a woman with money and influence. As a criminal and an Outcast, River doesn’t fit the bill. Or does she?


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