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by Ashlynmathews on June 27, 2017

Love, Actually (Red Meets Blue) “dropped” today at all major retailers: Amazon, Kobo, Nook, iTunes, and Smashwords.

The story is near and dear to my heart for the setting. My husband and I lived in the Bay Area for a year. He was transferred there while serving with the Coast Guard. When he was home, we would explore the Bay Area. I love all of the nearby cities– Berkeley, Oakland, Sausalito, and Alameda, to name a few. A couple of years later, I missed the area so much, I “kidnapped” the hubby and we boarded a flight for San Francisco. He thought we were going local (Seattle) for a romantic dinner. Little did he know…

Love, Actually (Red Meets Blue) is the last book in my Willowbrook series but the beginning of a new adventure, Club Forsaken. Secondary characters, Ink and Theo, stuck with me long after I wrote, “The End,” to Love, Actually. Ink and Emery’s story will be told in Breaking Emery. Theo and Grace’s story will be told in Saving Grace. The release dates are TBD. I hope you pick up your copy! Here’s a sneak peek PLUS a cover reveal for Breaking Emery.



Sneak Peek:  Love, Actually (Red Meets Blue) ~ Available Now!

After pouring our drinks, he hands me my glass. I sip. Smooth, sweet, delicious. Warmth settles in my belly. I down a bigger mouthful. My head spins, and my body tingles.

Across the center island, he eyes me with that intense interest of his. I put my drink down and stare back with a forwardness I wouldn’t have had if not for the wine or the mask. This man can destroy me with his money and his connection to my messed-up past.

“Back to my question—”

“I’m under protective custody.”

“Try again, darling.”


He pushes my drink toward me. “Give me another answer, Lightweight.”

God, I miss this back and forth teasing we’d once had. I take a drink and another. It’s easy to do with my wired nerves and the electric awareness of him as he comes over and stands in front of me.

He takes my drink and sets it on the island. “Tell me something?” He skims his fingers over my bare shoulders and down my arms.

I long to close my eyes and brand his feather-light caresses to memory, but I need to look into his eyes. Is there recognition in their depths? Or is what I’m seeing pure lust? I nod at his question.

“Why would a beautifully dressed woman, who thinks an old Victorian house is magical, request a low-key entrance to a party where everyone hopes to get a piece of the spotlight? Even the mask you wear is plain compared to the other women’s.”

He cups my hips, and his fingers press into my skin through the dress. Jaxson wants a straight answer. Just when I think the situation can’t get more dangerous, he tugs me to him, plastering me against his tall and muscular body.

Between the alcohol in my system and the heat from his body, I can’t think straight. I cover his hands with mine. His hands are big and capable of doing wicked things. Or choke the life from me once he realizes who I am.

My heart beats faster. I look up. He lowers his head. What’s happening might be insta-lust to him. For me, being held by Jaxson without animosity or bitterness is… I turn from him and inhale a quiet breath.

Peace is something I’ve searched for since Sarah’s death, but to find it in the arms of a man who hates me? It’s pathetic to think Jaxson can give me the one thing I can’t find within myself.

But I can hope.

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