The Story Behind Stay

by Ashlynmathews on April 11, 2017

Can I just say I’m ecstatic? It’s been almost 2 years and finally, I’ll be releasing a new book. April 25th to be exact. I love how Stay turned out. The story wasn’t meant to be released. The story of Brooks and Violet began as a way to get me out of my writer’s block. I read somewhere that starting a story without any expectations or fixation on editing while writing (guilty) can help jumpstart the creative juices flowing again. And that’s how Stay started. Brooks’ and Violet’s story began October 2015. The original title was Beyond Repair. Then changed to Bared to Him. The page count stayed stuck at 30 pages.

In August 2016, I received an email from one of my favorite cover designers. I had signed up for her mailing list, and I’m so glad I did. Thank you, Marianne ( That’s how I found the cover for Stay, changed the final title to Stay, and found Brooks’ and Violet’s story deep in my mind. Their story is heartbreaking yet hopeful. Don’t we want the best for the people we care for? I love Brooks’ and Vy’s story and I hope you do, too. Their story should be available for pre-order soon at major book retailers. I hope you enjoy the preview!

“You drive me crazy with your sweetness and your hotness. Stay near you and I’ll want to be full on you. Don’t you understand? I can’t resist you.” ~ Brooks Hunter

The elevator doors open and I back inside. He pushes the down button then sidles in next to me.

“Let me give you a ride home.”

How does he know I don’t have a car?

“Your friend Natalie says you’re not keen on taking the bus.”

I inhale a quiet breath. I was right. Natalie had an ulterior motive for the promise she guilt me into making.

“Wouldn’t your girlfriend or wife mind?”


I glance sidelong at him. “No, as in you have a girlfriend or a wife?”

Or both? I blow at a loose strand of hair falling over my eye. It’s just my luck the first guy that interests me in a long time is spoken for.

“No, as in life is complicated at the moment. Can I plead the fifth?”

What kind of bullshit talk is that?

“Go along with me for now, Violet.”

The seduction in his voice promises hot and steamy sex. I can’t remember when I last had sex. Keeping my knees together, I edge away from the dangerous heat of his ripped body.

“Thanks for the offer, but I don’t mind taking the bus.”

I refuse to be another mark on his headboard. Or whatever men used these days to keep count of the women they’ve slept with.

“Is the bus warm?”

Not the one I take. I can only describe the temperature as arctic.

“Is the bus fast?”

Not when there are people getting off at each five stops before mine.

“What the bus has,” at this hour, “is room for personal space. It’s what you and your car can’t offer.”

“I’m offering a warm space and a fast but safe ride. Sit as close to the door as possible. I promise I’ll keep my hands to myself.”

The elevator doors open and he follows me out. I put the cleaning cart away and lock up, mulling over whether to accept his offer or not.

“Are you or are you not in a serious relationship at the moment?” I ask with my arms crossed.

He uncrosses my arms and tucks a finger beneath my chin, tilting my head until our gazes lock. “You hesitated when I asked if you’re married. Are you in a serious relationship?” His gaze is penetrating.

I wet my dry mouth with my tongue. His eyes follow the movement.

“My best friend is a guy,” I stammer. “But he’s just a friend.”

“Are you certain?”

I flick his finger off my chin. “I’m ridiculously aware of my emotions, okay?”

“I figured as much.” He shoves his hands in his pants pocket. “No, I’m not in a serious relationship.”

Not yet are the unspoken words that linger in the air between us.

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