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by Ashlynmathews on January 16, 2016

luminescenceWriters are programmed to ask, “what if?” to help jumpstart a storyline. For Luminescence, I thought over the what-if storyline of soulmates. What if there existed a concept of fractured souls, where the heroine’s fated lover’s soul lived in two men rather than one? This made for an interesting, unusual and unconventional love triangle. Luminescence is FREE for Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and at Smashwords. I hope you take advantage of this sale and download your copy. I’d also appreciate it if you can spread the word to your romance reader friends by sharing this post. Thank you, and here’s a snippet.


Radium followed Sophie to the door to see her out, as manners dictated, from one commander to the other. One question weighed on his mind more than any other during their conversation.

“In December’s exchange with the Seeker, did she mention Brackus?”

Sophie’s hand paused on the doorknob. “No. However, it’s been reported to me that her memories are returning rapidly.” She looked at him with renewed warning in the ocean depths of her eyes. “If December had the intention of leaving Javier for Brackus, Fate won’t stop her in this lifetime or the next. Say the word, and I can have Nick’s position returned to him. Then I’ll have him reassigned across the country, away from December.”

He politely declined. “Have you heard of fractured souls?”

“I have.” Her brows pulled together. “If that is your belief regarding Javier, Brackus, and December, then I extend to you my condolences. Three must become two. In this game of yours, you risk Brackus, December, and Nick’s lives. Is your daughter’s happiness worth that much to you?”

“Not just her happiness but the rest of her life.”

“So be it.” She opened the door. “I’m only a phone call away if you need me.”

Sophie left, leaving him alone with his thoughts. The last forty-eight hours had been a whirlwind of activity on everyone’s part to achieve a feat he’d hoped to execute with the ease of a commander at the helm of a great battle. Succeed in bringing Nick and December together, and lives would be saved. In the meantime, he had a problem that needed to be dealt with.

Radium called his second.


“Tell Brackus to get his ass out of town. I don’t want him anywhere near my daughter or Nick.”

“Of course.”

He hung up the phone. His strong hand trembled. Radium tossed his cell onto the table like it was a piece of hot coal.

Brackus—Nick’s informant, Radium’s pain-in-the-ass, ex-second-in-command, and the man who had been inseparable from Javier and December since they were teenagers. Until Javier’s death. Then the three’s inseparable souls had been scattered to the wind like Javier’s ashes had been, like Radium’s wife’s had been.

Brackus, you bastard, you’d better be right.

Otherwise, Radium would send Brackus’ soul to hell, along with Javi—along with Nick’s. Maybe then, December would have peace. In this lifetime anyway.

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